About us

Adviser Partner is The Sales Expansion Company – the specialist in generating increased sales and business expansion. Since 2002, we have consulted and trained thousands of companies and tens of thousands of CEOs, sales directors, sales managers, sales coaches, sales representatives and non-sales professionals to achieve greater and more profitable results.

What does Adviser Partner do?

We help our customers identify and address any sales challenges so they can enjoy a more high-performing sales organisation.

  • Sales strategy: by consultation, we identify the right targets and map out how each customer will achieve their goal, through higher and better sales.
  • Sales management: we consult, educate and train the sales management team on how to improve sales results, in addition to effective coaching and recruitment methods.
  • Sales: everyone needs to understand sales better. We all strive for better results, regardless of position, experience, or complexity of the sales.
  • Establishing: we make sure that the new desired behavior in respect to the company’s sales is well established and lasts over time.

Our vision

Adviser Partner’s vision is to create fantastic sales departments that continuously increase their sales and reach their goals.
Our goal is to become the world leader in this.

Who and Why

Adviser Partner consists only of top sales professionals and sales managers who have taken their interest in sales to a new, higher level, with the stated ambition and determination to be the best in understanding and conducting sales, and therefore be able to consult, instruct and train others to succeed and become successful in sales.

Adviser Partner consists 100% of top sales professionals and sales managers who are now also consultants.
Adviser Partner consists of sales specialists and deals only with matters related to sales and sales departments.
Adviser Partner exclusively uses self-produced sales material that has been proven to work better.

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