With days that consist largely of planning, budgeting, reporting and strategic thinking, we could sometimes forget to focus on selling. The decision makers we meet with want to be impressed and it is our job to do so, as well as keeping them interested throughout the sales process. The FAS 1-3 model offers support, while reminding us to sell with quality. If I have to pick one takeaway that we have implemented (in a more accurate way) and where we already see positive results, it’s the importance of conducting a needs-based analysis. Today, we never hold major meetings with key accounts, where we present our range and solution, without a proper needs-based analysis. Best of all, this provides a win-win relationship between us and our customers.

Some “basics” that are so obvious but easy to forget, and which we have started to work on actively since the training, are:
– The customer buys for the better
– Always book a new meeting
– What is our goal for the meeting?

Adviser Partner created a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Every learning opportunity was well thought out and Jonas showed great commitment and desire for us to learn. At times he felt the need to change or adjust something in the content, which after a brief consultation, was promptly done.

Sometimes we conceive of our industry as being special, however, Adviser Partner and their representative were prompt in illustrating how sales is universal, which provided effective learning and no excuses. Facts in hand, Adviser Partner and their representative conducted a good needs-based analysis.