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Adviser Partner Online Training is the tool that helps you establish new behavior in the sales force. The tool that is the difference between going to education or starting to act differently. Properly trained sellers sell more!

Online training

All successful sales training is about establishing long-term change in the areas in which the sales professionals were trained, while boosting sales.

Adviser Partner Online Training does just that: through an easy-to-learn repetition strategy, the sales rep can mimic the exercises learned during a training, while building on their understanding of the topic through audiovisual instruction and assignments.

Adviser Partner Online Training consists of up to 90 videos, where each video is 2–5 minutes long and divided into 6 sections. Each video deals with a part of the sales process and includes the key to succeeding within that particular segment. The Online Training also includes modules, in which the sales rep can verify his or her knowledge by completing various tests.

The videos cover all areas of the sales process, so are widely applicable to both new and existing customers.

The sales rep can watch any module he or she wishes, at any time, from a computer or smartphone, in preparation of an important customer visit or at home on the sofa. The at-home repetition element is a strong complement to the in-person training, or in some cases, completely replaces it.

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