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To identify your sales organizations next step, the existing scene must first be identified from an objective point of view. Sales Health Check reviews a company’s sales organisation in 14 crucial areas and ranks each area to create a clear and concise picture of what works and what can be improved.

Sales Health Check to determine the “what” and the “how”

A common scenario is a company that has a clear goal they want to achieve but not the means to get there. A Sales Health Check is the initial road-map to understanding where a company’s sales organisation is at present, and then in step two, it determines how the company will reach its goals.

Since 2002, Adviser Partner has met with, trained, and studied the behaviors of thousands of sales organisations and tens of thousands of sales reps and sales managers. From this, we have seen a pattern of successful actions and ways of working that we divided into 14 crucial areas. The result is our Sales Health Check, a service that has no counterpart on the market.

A Sales Health Check is an all-digital tool that captures the opinions of everyone in a company’s sales department, consisting of 192 questions distributed across the 14 most crucial areas within a sales department. This results in a report that clearly states strengths and areas of improvement, which the company can act on internally, or use as a basis for further training.

What is the current state of your sales department?

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Adviser Partner helps us focus and get increased effect.

We train our sales managers and sales representatives with Adviser Partner. Adviser Partner creates an enormous amount of energy in our organization by showing great interest in our business and shows a high understanding of our everyday sales challenges. Adviser Partner has a methodology that works and is very operational, no fuzzy models and everyone experiences that the consultants have a lot of experience in sales. It is straight through sales and the managers leave every training occasion filled with energy, ideas and new tools on how to increase sales.

Martin Hogmalm
CEO Kabona

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