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Proper sales management is crucial for companies that want to increase their sales. We consult, educate, train and coach sales directors, sales managers, sales leaders and sales coaches, in order to provide them with the right tools, knowledge and approach to fully take responsibility for increasing the company’s sales.

Proper sales management results in higher and more profitable sales!

A good sales manager is often, but not always, a former, skilled sales representative who has made a career for themself, and now faces a challenge: How do I, as a sales manager, continuously develop my department and ensure ever-increasing sales? And who gives me input to support my continuous professional development?

Adviser Partner has trained and studied thousands of sales managers and identified the patterns that emerge in terms of behaviors, actions and ways of managing sales departments, which have proved to be successful.

Based on this, we created a methodology that makes for strong sales departments who strive towards the same goal and perform better than other sales departments in the same industry.

The key is to understand what can be expected of the sales representatives, how processes can help everyone involved, and what follow-ups are necessary in order to continuously increase the group’s performance.

How to recruit and on-board new sales representatives as efficiently as possible is another topic where experience makes a difference. Adviser Partner advises you on how to do this successfully with lasting results.

The outcome of collaborating with Adviser Partner

The outcome of working with Adviser Partner when it comes to management, is a more capable and efficient sales management team equipped with the right tools to increase the company’s gross sales, regardless of the current level.

Sales Management Assignments

We contracted Adviser Partner to help us set a new framework and guidelines in our revenue organisation and they handled it in an extraordinary way. Adviser Partners consultants are highly qualified and dedicated in their craftsmanship. We warmly recommend  Adviser Partner to everyone who wants to take their sales organization to the next level.

Arash Gilan 
CEO, Viva Media

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