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Many companies have a good product or offering. In fact, it is more unusual than usual to be completely unique in one’s market. The difference in high or low sales figures, thus falls on the competency and skill-set of the sales representatives!

Competent sales representatives sell more at a better margin

Competence consists of equal parts talent, interest and knowledge. While talent is innate, by adding interest and practical knowledge, we grow the competency of the sales representatives, thus increasing sales.

Since 2002 Adviser Partner has successfully educated, trained and coached tens of thousands of sales professionals in how to exceed their results. We always start from two points of view: how the human mind works, and how you encourage customers to buy more. This, combined with clear deliverables from every training we host, regardless of the company we work with, ensures that we always add value to our customer’s business..

The programs we use apply to all types of sales professionals and challenges, with clear goals based on the specific situation at hand.

Sales-for-non-sales is our unique program series that makes everyone who does not call themselves a sales professional, e.g. customer service, service technicians, consultants etc., want to embrace sales, generate leads, and sell on their own.

The outcome of collaborating with Adviser Partner

Adviser Partner’s materials are based on our own observations of what works best in sales and leadership, and our trainings provide participants with effective tools and methods to start using as early as the day after a completed training, but above all, our trainings result in increased sales for sales representatives and sales managers alike.

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