For almost 20 years, Adviser Partner has been training, coaching, and consulting +35.000 Sales Reps, Sales Managers, CEOs, and business owners. We have been working with the best, in more or less every industry and because of that, we have learned a lot of what-to-do and probably even more, a lot of what-not-to-do!

So, what can we do for you now when you are reading this article? Well, we can give you our top three list on what to do to maximize your results as Partner Account Manager, in these articles referred to as PAM.

Last week we spoke about the importance of having the same idea or definition of what a partner is and concluded that the definition of a partner is: A long-term relationship…with a shared goal…where both are winners…

Today we will look at point number two which is about understanding how a Partner Account Manager wins his or her game.

2. How do YOU win?

To play a game successfully, you need to know how you win it! How to win the game called Partner Management is to fully grasp the following: At the end of the day, you win when your partner is successful! The valuable end product for a partner manager is to create successful partners! To the degree the partner becomes successful, to that degree, you will be and should also be recognized for it! This is something called the “hat”. The Hat is a both philosophical and practical concept to use to really boost performance!

Look at it as your map to your job. You might, if you’re lucky, have a job description. You know who you are, a Partner Manager, but are you sure of what you should do, or do you feel that you are doing things, not related to your job? Or do you feel that you are doing other employees’ jobs, and that you have been doing that for a while now? That’s the beauty with the hat, it basically makes everything so much clearer and easier to understand. To know what to do, and by “do” we really mean, focus on what to do, you need to know when you win! The winning part is about understanding what kind of result you should aim for creating. The Partner Managers, in most cases, have the following to accomplish: Successful Partners!

How to measure success? There are many ways, some more sophisticated than others, but that’s a secondary question. First, know your mission, creating success, second define what success means in this context. Now, you can start to investigate, for real, what to do and what not to do…let me present the Formula for how to prioritize. It goes from Vital, to Important, to Unimportant and last, Trivial.

What of what you do today, would you say is Vital? What is important to you today? Unimportant? Trivial? Do the test, fill in your daily tasks in the system mentioned as see for yourself. Next thing to do: Concentrate on everything Vital and Important, be very careful in spending your valuable time on anything else. See the results it creates!

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